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ffmpeg configure error nasm/yasm not found or too old

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On Linux/Unix, compile ffmpeg from source code. Run the following command.

$ git clone ffmpeg
$ cd ffmpeg
$ ./configure --prefix=/opt/ffmpeg
nasm/yasm not found or too old. Use --disable-x86asm for a crippled build.

If you think configure made a mistake, make sure you are using the latest
version from Git.  If the latest version fails, report the problem to the mailing list or IRC #ffmpeg on
Include the log file "ffbuild/config.log" produced by configure as this will help
solve the problem.


It needs to install nasm or yasm.

Mac OS

brew install nasm


Install nasm.

sudo apt install nasm

Install yasm.

sudo apt install yasm


Install nasm.

sudo yum install nasm

In the webpage, download and install yasm. For example, on CentOS BaseOS x86_64.

$ wget
$ sudo yum install ./yasm-1.3.0-7.el8.x86_64.rpm
Updated Jul 19, 2020