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React Native 0.62 Warn Animated: "useNativeDriver" was not specified

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Upgrade the React Native project to 0.62. There are some warnings about the Animated method.

WARN Animated: "useNativeDriver" was not specified. This is a required option and must be explicitly set to "true" or "false"


As the tip says, we need to specify the  useNativeDriver option explicitly and set it to  true  or  false .

1. Animation methods

Refer to  Animated doc , with animation types or composition functions, for example, Animated.decay(), Animated.timing(), Animated.spring(), Animated.parallel(), Animated.sequence(), specify  useNativeDriver .

Animated.timing(this.state.animatedValue, {
  toValue: 1,
  duration: 500,
  useNativeDriver: true, // Add this line

2. Animatable components

Animated exports the following animatable components using the above wrapper:

  • Animated.Image
  • Animated.ScrollView
  • Animated.Text
  • Animated.View
  • Animated.FlatList
  • Animated.SectionList

When working with Animated.event() , add useNativeDriver: false/true to the animation config.

    [{ nativeEvent: { contentOffset: { y: this.state.animatedValue } } }],
    { useNativeDriver: true } // Add this line
Updated May 08, 2020